The Cat and Dog Wheelchair Rental Program by K9 Carts

Corgi in Wheelchair by Golden Gate Bridge
  1. The program is a rent-to-own program broken down into 3 two week periods. You do not have to rent for the entire term and you can return the cart if needed at anytime.
  2. You pay the initial 2 week rental fee plus your shipping cost. Every rental payment is removed from the overall cost of your wheelchair as payments are made.
  3. We ship you out a custom built, fully adjustable, guaranteed to fit, wheelchair from our USA production location.
  4. Your 2 week rental period starts the day you receive your wheelchair.
  5. Within 48 hours of your rental expiring; please call or email us and choose whether to rent the wheelchair for another 2 weeks, return if needed, or you can pay off the remaining balance at anytime. Wheelchair rental payments are non refundable and after the final payment is made; your wheelchair is now yours to keep. *Please note the Rental Program is only available within the continental United States and Canada.

Rear Support Dog Wheelchair Rental Costs

SizeRental PaymentTotal Cost if Purchased
X-Small (5-15 lbs.)$83$249
Small (16-25 lbs.)$93$279
Med-Small (26-35 lbs.)$103$309
Medium (36-45 lbs.)$123$369
Med-Large (46-65 lbs.)$149$447
Large (66-100 lbs.)$159$477
X-Large (101-115 lbs.)$183$549

Full Support Dog Wheelchair Rental Costs

SizeRental PaymentsTotal Cost if Purchased
X-Small (5-15 lbs.)$117$351
Small (16-25 lbs.)$150$450
Med-Small (26-35 lbs.)$153$459
Medium (36-45 lbs.)$175$525
Med-Large (46-65 lbs.)$202$606
Large (66-100 lbs.)$227$681
X-Large (101-115 lbs.)$249$747

Cat Wheelchair Rental Costs

DesignRental PaymentTotal Cost if Purchased
Rear Wheelchair$83$249
Full Wheelchair$117$351

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