The Cat & Dog Wheelchair Rental Program

Corgi in K9 Cart on Beach

How Does Our Rental Program Work?

  1. You pay the initial 2 week rental fee plus your shipping cost. Every rental payment is removed from the overall cost of your wheelchair. Rental pricing can be seen in full on our Wheelchair Rental Cost Page.
  2. We ship you out a custom built, fully adjustable, guaranteed to fit, refurbished wheelchair from our Washington location. Wheelchairs normally ship in 1-2 days and shipping options available from Ground Service – Next Day Air.
  3. Your 2 week rental period starts the day you receive your wheelchair. If you are able to send photos of your pet in the wheelchair; we can evaluate the fit and balance of the wheelchair for you.
  4. Within 48 hours of your rental expiring; please call or email us and choose whether to rent the wheelchair for another 2 weeks or you can pay off the remaining balance at anytime. Wheelchairs can be returned at anytime. Wheelchair rental payments are non refundable and after the final payment is made; your wheelchair is now yours to keep.  See our Terms and Conditions for more information.
Dachshund Wheelchair

Rear Support Dog Wheelchair Rental

Pets in need of the Rear Support Wheelchair have weakness in the rear legs and good strength in the front legs while using the Towel Test.

These pets can walk normally with their front legs, and only experience rear limb weakness or paralysis.

This wheelchair is excellent for post-surgery rehabilitation, older arthritic cases, or any pet experiencing rear limb mobility issues.

Pit Bull in Extra Supportive Dog Wheelchair

Full Support Dog Wheelchair Rental

Pets in need of the Full Support Wheelchair have some or complete weakness in the front legs.

These pets have stumbling and show front limb weakness during the Towel Test, or are completely unable to stand and walk.

K9 Carts Full Support Dog Wheelchair is similar to our Rear Support model, but with a front extension kit, which can be setup to give some or complete support to the front limbs.

Cat enjoying her Cat Wheelchair by K9 Carts

Cat Full & Rear Wheelchair Rental

Our Cat Wheelchairs are available as either a Rear Support or Full Support depending on your cat’s disability.

Cats in need of the Rear Support Cat Wheelchair have weakness in the rear legs, good strength in the front legs while using the Towel Test, and the desire to be active.

For cats that have weakness on their front legs, the Full Support Cat Wheelchair Rental is recommended.