K9 Carts Pet of the Week Winners


This is Eli our miracle boy with his miracle wheels…he ruptured 3 discs in March of this year we decided against surgery due to his age and the cost…he was completely paralyzed in the beginning we had to use stirrups but with meds of which he no longer takes and rest, love, TLC and these wheels he has regained lots of strength and function…in the house on rugs and carpet he gets around almost as good as he used to but outside he likes to go fast and between the uneven ground and his struggle to squat for potty we continue to put him in his wheels he loves that he can go fast and be independent we love that he is supported and safe!! We are so grateful to have found you we truly believe his wheels have helped rehabilitate him…it’s amazing to think back to his injury and how far he’s come!! Thank you!!

Stephanie, Chuck and Eli