Dog Wheelchair Donations by K9 Carts

Welcome to the K9 Carts Donation area. This area of the website is devoted to showing disabled pets in shelters and rescues we have helped with donated wheelchairs and support over the years. 

Saving K9 Lives

We were contacted by Jasmin Gabay of Saving K9 Lives, in partnership with Please Don’t Kill Me Foundation, in getting carts for four small dogs needing wheelchairs. Chewy, Perry, and Filoso were hit by cars, and Juicy was attacked by two big dogs. They were all brought into Pet Care Non-Profit Animal Hospital to be euthanized, but were rescued from that decision. The animal hospital decided to donate their treatment for free, and they are looking for rescues to care for them. When we heard about it, we had to help however we could. Thus, we donated four brand new K9 Carts to these precious pups! They had a news story on the Fox 11 news in Los Angeles, and when we saw them running around we couldn’t have been happier!


Teddy is a Fox Terrier/Long-haired Dachshund mix. He was approximately 7-9 months old, when he was bitten by a large dog and dropped off at a shelter. His foster mom wrote to us, and we felt the need to help. With the help of our fans on social media, we were able to donate a brand new K9 Cart to him!

Teddy in his K9 Cart


Frogger was rescued from the median of Interstate 10 in Southern California with a broken back. It is believed he was thrown from a moving vehicle. He was rescued by Doggie Protective Services, and was given the immediate treatment he needed. They discovered that he needed surgery on his back, and thus began the process of raising funds for the cost. They were able to raise the money necessary, and the surgery was successful, however he still had a long road of recovery. When we heard of his story, we immediately reached out, as we believed a K9 Cart would be an excellent rehabilitation tool for him. We sent the K9 Cart to Frogger, and he is doing better than ever! Just recently he found his forever home in Illinois and is enjoying his mobility once again! See Team Frogger on Facebook!