The Original Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts

Patented, Fully Adjustable, and Custom Made in the USA

Every dog wheelchair by K9 Carts combines over 58 years of experience in the veterinary field to give our clients the only USA-made, custom built, and fully-adjustable dog wheelchair with convertible front support. Our highly trained staff in the field of pet mobility will guide you through the process of evaluation to fitting advice, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality care possible.

We are proud to be the leading pet mobility experts, offering a full line of nursing care products and your source for mobility care information from our professional and caring staff. Cat wheelchairs, and chicken wheelchairs are now available.

Every K9 Cart is custom-built in the USAfully-adjustable, and guaranteed to fit. Our expert staff designs and builds your wheelchair the same day*. Our expert staff also work with every client after the purchase – ensuring your K9 Cart is fit and balanced perfectly. We are also happy to accept Care Credit and most Pet Insurance Companies cover our products as well.

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Why Dogs Need Wheelchairs

Little Dipper

If your dog has become disabled because of a major injury or illness, you’re probably worried about their future and quality of life. Dogs that can’t run and play are unhappy dogs, and no caretaker wants their companion to suffer. Fortunately, wheelchairs like ours can help disabled dogs live happy, active lives. Dogs that have lost sensation in or use of their back legs can get around just fine with the help of a K9 Carts wheelchair.

K9 Carts patients come in with a variety of diseases and disabilities. We’ve built custom carts based on our vet-designed wheelchair for dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and spinal injuries. Those are some of the most common health problems that our clients manage, but we’ve seen everything: we’ve been doing this for more than 50 years. Our company’s long history, and our veterinary knowledge, are why we’re so proud of our wheelchairs. We know that every wheelchair we ship is exactly the right tool for the pet that will wear it. We’ve also built wheelchairs for animals besides dogs. We’ve designed wheelchairs for cats, guinea pigs, and hamsters. We want to do whatever we can to help any disabled pet.

What Makes K9 Carts the Pet Mobility Experts?

Vet with Shih Tzu in Dog Wheelchair

With so many options available today in the field of pet mobility, it is becoming more important in choosing the best possible care for your special needs pet. We at K9 Carts are the only company with an established background in the field of veterinary orthopedic medicine. The leading orthopedic veterinarian founded our company 55 years ago and this rings true with our principles and expertise today. We have worked with hundreds of thousands of clients from guinea pigs to miniature horses and our staff puts the same care and attention into each and every order. Our experience and customer service are truly what makes us stand out in helping your pet’s mobility needs.

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How We Help Your Dog

dog wheelchair for beagle

Some K9 clients say that their pets outlive their initial prognosis, because a K9 wheelchair will help keep their dog active and healthy. It’s important for us to get the wheelchair right: the wheelchair we send to your dog will help them live out the rest of their lives. Dogs with a K9 Cart can do almost everything that they were able to do before their disability. K9 Carts patients are able to get around on almost every surface. They can play fetch, or search around for smells at the park. K9 Carts dogs can live a happy, full life. We’re proud of the work we do, and we want to be able to share it with you and your pet. You can take advantage of our rental program to see if a cart is right for you.

How We Help Our Clients

Everyone at K9 Carts is an animal lover. We look after pets ourselves, and we understand how important companions are to their families. Our pets are sources of reassurance and support. Our pets’ energy and affection are comforting and calming after a hard day. Sometimes it feels like our pets take care of us. When our pets are sick or injured, those roles get flipped. We have to take care of them, but they’re scared and confused. That experience is troubling for pet owners. So it’s important for us to help out our patients’ guardians. Our team, including the customer support staff, is passionate about helping animals. We’re not just here to answer your call. We want to help you and your pet get through a difficult time. Each wheelchair we build is unique to the dog that uses it. We will work extensively with you to make sure that the chair we create for your pet fits them perfectly. Each dog—even dogs of the same breed—have a unique body, so it’s important to fit each wheelchair to the patient that will use it. We’re also happy to make adjustments to a wheelchair. We’re careful to check each cart carefully, but every dog has their idiosyncrasies. Every dog’s gait is different. Some dogs might like to sit or lay down in a way that might require unanticipated adjustments. K9 Carts will help you manage your dog’s needs well after we’ve shipped you a custom cart. It’s a relationship that can last for the rest of your dog’s life. Some K9 clients order replacement parts or a an all-new wheelchair for their pets, because their dogs use it so much, and in so many different conditions.

red wheelchair for cat

What Our Clients Are Saying

Joseph Corgi Wheelchair

I just want you to know how much you and your work meant to him and to us.  Your cart prolonged his life more than a year.   It kept him mobile and happy until the disease was too much to bear.  I hope you realize that your work saves dogs’ lives and gives owners a huge gift; more time with their animals.  You are a very special person to all of us who benefit from your work.
Thank you

Allen May 29, 2019

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