The Original, Patented, Fully Adjustable Dog Wheelchair.
Made in the USA. Orthopedic Veterinarian Established.

Every Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts combines over 56 Years of Experience in the Veterinary Field to give our Clients the only USA Made,  Fully Adjustable Dog Wheelchair with Convertible Front Support available today.

We are proud to be the Leading Pet Mobility Experts offering a full line of Nursing Care Products and your Source for Mobility Care Information from our Professional and Caring Staff. Cat Wheelchairs are now available.

Every K9 Cart is Custom Built in the USA, Fully Adjustable, and Guaranteed to Fit. Our expert staff Designs and Builds Your Wheelchair the Same Day*. We also work with every client after the purchase – ensuring your K9 Cart is Fit and Balanced Perfectly.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Tonka in his K9 Cart

Thanks for having her cart arrive so quickly!!

What a company you are . Bless you for making my girl’s life easier!

Shannon Thier July 24, 2017

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Corkey looks like he’s enjoying the day!

100 likes, 6 comments5 days ago

What Makes K9 Carts the Pet Mobility Experts?

Vet with Shih Tzu in Dog Wheelchair
With so many options available today in the field of pet mobility, it is becoming more important in choosing the best possible care for your special needs pet.

We at K9 Carts are the only company with an established background in the field of veterinary orthopedic medicine. The leading orthopedic veterinarian founded our company 55 years ago and this rings true with our principles and expertise today.

We have worked with hundreds of thousands of clients from guinea pigs to miniature horses and our staff puts the same care and attention into each and every order. Our experience and customer service are truly what makes us stand out in helping your pet’s mobility needs.

Helpful Articles From the Leader in Pet Mobility

K9 Carts Pet of the Week: Champ the Goat

Champ was born on August 27th, 2016. Due to complications during the pregnancy, he was born with his rear legs bent up over his back. His vets concluded he was healthy and strong, and that the continued rear limb issues were due to constricted tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Champ’s devoted mom began therapy, including stretches, and cold laser therapy – all of which was helping. When Champ was about a month old, his mom contacted us regarding a cart to add to his therapy regimen. We had to make some slight customizations to the cart, to ensure he would get the most benefit from the cart. 2 ½ months later, Champ is still doing great in his cart. He makes friends wherever he goes, and has just experienced snow for the first time! Champ’s mom set up a Facebook page for him – to follow his progress along with us, visit

Client Stories

Helen and her K9 Cart


Thank YOU!!! This dog has a new lease on life. I don’t know how we ever survived without her cart!!
Courtney Culbertson DVM + Helen

Chubby in his K9 Cart


Hello! I rented a rear support wheelchair for my miniature dachshund about two weeks ago and I wanted to inform you that I wanted to rent for another two weeks. She absolutely loves it since she can finally go out on walks with her mother and sister again and I couldn’t be more grateful to you guys for giving her that chance. Thank you again, Brianna