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The Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts

The original, patented, fully adjustable dog wheelchair by K9 Carts. All K9 Carts are designed by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon, guaranteed to fit, and more adjustable than any other wheelchair on the market.

Each K9 Cart is hand built in our Washington state facility by our experienced staff with over 52 years of experience in the Veterinary field.

Rear Support Dog Wheelchair for strong front legs.

Corgi in Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Pets in need of the Rear Support Dog Wheelchair have weakness in the rear legs and good strength in the front legs while using the towel test. These pets can walk normally in the front legs and only experience rear limb weakness or paralysis.
This wheelchair is excellent for post-surgery rehabilitation, older arthritic cases, or any pet experiencing rear limb mobility issues. Slings are included for protecting the rear legs from dragging if needed.

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Full Support Dog Wheelchair for weakness in front legs.

Golden Retriever in Full Support Wheelchair

Pets in need of the Full Support Dog Wheelchair have some or complete weakness in the front legs. These pets have stumbling and show front limb weakness during the towel test, or are completely unable to stand and walk.
K9 Carts Full Support Dog Wheelchair is similar to our Rear Support model, but with a front extension kit, which can be setup to give some or complete support to the front limbs.

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The Features & Benefits of each Patented Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts.

Quality Built in the USA. Ships Same Day.

Every K9 Cart is built in the USA by our experienced staff to ensure your pet receives the utmost in attention they deserve. Through our state of the art manufacturing process, we strive to ship every K9 Cart the same day at the most affordable prices available. At K9 Carts we believe every pet deserves the best product available which is only possible by carefully building every product by hand and to order. Over the years we have perfected the process to ensure fast, often same day shipping with custom built quality.

Veterinarian Designed, Built, and Tested.

51 years of experience with our own Veterinary Orthopedic Specialty Hospital gives us the knowledge to give your pet the highest level of medical care. Evaluating your pets health needs is our top concern in determining which of our pet mobility products would be most beneficial.

Multiple Support Options. One Product.

The K9 Cart is the only pet wheelchair available today which can easily convert between a 2-wheeled cart and a 4-wheeled cart. This allows for multiple support options should your dog’s mobility needs change. K9 Carts have been designed to make this process readily available to both our Rear and Full Support Wheelchairs.

Handmade with Care. Never Mass Produced.

Every K9 Cart order is carefully checked by our experienced staff to ensure measurements and breed info look correct and in proportion. Each dog wheelchair is hand built from scratch just for your pet. Carts are normally shipped on the same day or the next day after an order is placed.

Fully Adjustable in Height, Length, & Width.

Each K9 Cart is fully adjustable in height, length, and width by several inches. By making the only custom, fully adjustable wheelchair on the market, we can fully guarantee each wheelchair to fit. Every order is carefully scrutinized by our experience staff to ensure your pet's wheelchair fits, balances, and gives your pet the best mobility available.

Lightest Wheelchair Available. Weight Does Matter.

At K9 Carts we have gone to great lengths to ensure our wheelchairs are as light weight as possible. Lightweight and perfect balance are extremely important when considering a wheelchair for your pet. We are proud to offer not only the lightest dog wheelchair, but also the strongest. K9 Carts can handle any size pet between 1 lbs. & 200 lbs.

White, Red, Blue, and Now Pink Available Too!

All K9 Carts are available in multiple color options. Aluminum is included free with color upgrades starting at only $10. Colored wheelchairs are powder coated for a long lasting durable finish.

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