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Each K9 Cart combines 51 years of experience within the Veterinary Field to give our clients the only fully adjustable, convertible dog wheelchair designed by professionals in pet mobility.
Every K9 Cart is custom built in the USA, Guaranteed to fit, and ships the same day. Our unique design built into every dog wheelchair allows each cart to convert between multiple support options.
K9 Carts is proud to offer a complete product line of mobility and health care options for your disabled pet as well.

The Dog Wheelchair Rental Program by K9 Carts

Our rental program is designed to give your pet all of the benefits of a K9 Carts wheelchair without having to pay the full purchase price.
The rental time frame is divided into two week increments; with the first rental period beginning when you receive your wheelchair.
The K9 Carts Rental Program has a built-in “Rent-To-Own” option--meaning 100% of your rental fee is put toward the purchase price of the wheelchair should you choose to keep it.

The Benefits of the Rental Program Include:
  • Minimal cost & adjustable time frame.
  • Temporary mobility before and after surgery.
  • Trial use of wheelchair.
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The Only Dog Wheelchair Designed by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon.

Our award-winning line of K9 Carts wheelchairs have been been tested and proven in the field of Veterinary Orthopedic Medicine and are the preferred choice of pet owners and professionals in the veterinary industry the world over.
We can help provide mobility solutions to dogs affected by Degenerative Myelopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis as well as other mobility impairment conditions.

Choosing Only the Best Mobility Products for Your Pet

The K9 Carts Blog

K9 Carts Awards Veterinary Scholarship 2015

We here at K9 Carts are proud to announce that the winner of our is Laura Johnson, a third year student of North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

K9 Carts Awards Veterinary Scholarship

K9 Carts is proud to announce that our 2014 Veterinary Medicine Scholarship has been awarded to Tramaine Creighton of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Tramaine is a 3rd year DVM Candidate, Class of 2016, at Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Jake the Rat Terrier

Jake was 3 years old when he left the yard and was missing for 3 days. He drug himself home and was laying in the pine straw under the stairs when I found him. He had apparently been hit by a car and even after surgery was paralyzed in his back end and had little use of his rear limbs. At 6 years of age he received the wheels

Clients Stories
Client Testimonials

“Chai is using his wheelchair by K9 Carts™ with enthusiasm today and his tail wagged for the first time in two weeks! It made us cry!..." Rodney J., Bellingham, WA
“...Potato is still happy and healthy and enjoying her K9 Carts™ wheelchair! She tears-around in it as if she were invincible!” Mr. & Mrs. William S., Frankfurt KY
"We are very happy with the cart and the mobility Abbey has with it. She can walk a mile or more without a problem...” Struther C., Long Beach, CA
“We’re so thankful to K9 Carts™ for giving our dog her freedom!” Andrea F., Raleigh, NC
“I have not seen my dog that happy in months!...I can’t say THANK YOU enough! You guys are truly amazing!...” Kevin M., Des Moines, IA
“Your product changes the lives of so many dogs that might be put down due to their immobility. I am in awe of your compassion and generosity.” Randee C. Mobile, AL
Cat in Wheelchair

Pet of the week. "Dodoshka"

Meet Dodoshka, a kitten living in Russia. He was paralyzed after his previous owners didn't see him lying on a folding sofa, and closed it with him inside, breaking his spine. When this happened, the owners didn’t want to “deal” with a paralyzed pet, so they took him to the vet to be put to sleep. He was only months old!
Luckily volunteers found him and saved Dodoshka from that death sentence. He is now currently being cared for and loved by his new family, receiving massage treatments and using his K9 Cart to help treat his condition. He is now running around and playing just as any kitten would!

Product Ratings Now Available for all K9 Carts Products


We are now happy to offer ratings from our clients on all K9 Carts products. Listening to our clients is the cornerstone of our company.
We encourage you to read reviews on the products and if you have purchased an item; please feel free to leave a helpful review.

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