Cat and Dog Wheelchair Rental Program

blue corgi dog wheelchair
  1. The program is a rent-to-own program broken down into 3 two week periods. You do not have to rent for the entire term and you can return the cart if needed at anytime.
  2. You pay the initial 2 week rental fee plus your shipping cost. Every rental payment is removed from the overall cost of your wheelchair as payments are made.
  3. We ship you out a custom built, fully adjustable, guaranteed to fit, wheelchair from our USA production location.
  4. Your 2 week rental period starts the day you receive your wheelchair.
  5. Within 48 hours of your rental expiring; please call or email us and choose whether to rent the wheelchair for another 2 weeks, return if needed, or you can pay off the remaining balance at anytime. Wheelchair rental payments are non refundable and after the final payment is made; your wheelchair is now yours to keep. *Please note the Rental Program is only available within the continental United States and Canada.
  6. All wheelchair rentals may include used parts from previous rentals with minor cosmetic blemishes; this will not effect the functionality in any way. Every rental is still custom built and includes new straps and support system.

Rear Support Dog Wheelchair Rental Costs

SizeRental PaymentTotal Cost if Purchased
X-Small (5-15 lbs.)$83$249
Small (16-25 lbs.)$93$279
Med-Small (26-35 lbs.)$103$309
Medium (36-45 lbs.)$123$369
Med-Large (46-65 lbs.)$149$447
Large (66-100 lbs.)$159$477
X-Large (101-115 lbs.)$183$549

Full Support Dog Wheelchair Rental Costs

SizeRental PaymentsTotal Cost if Purchased
X-Small (5-15 lbs.)$120$360
Small (16-25 lbs.)$150$450
Med-Small (26-35 lbs.)$158$474
Medium (36-45 lbs.)$180$540
Med-Large (46-65 lbs.)$210$630
Large (66-100 lbs.)$230$690
X-Large (101-115 lbs.)$255$765

Cat Wheelchair Rental Costs

DesignRental PaymentTotal Cost if Purchased
Rear Wheelchair$83$249
Full Wheelchair$120$360

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