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Nursing Care Products by K9 Carts

Caring for disabled pets is made much easier with the use of high quality nursing care products by K9 Carts. Having owned and operated our own veterinary hospital, we know the difficulties faced by disabled pet owners.

Through the use of our carts and other products like the Protect-A-Pet, we strive to help make the care of your special needs pet as easy and hygenic as possible.

Protect-A-Pet protects pets while not in a wheelchair against injury while keeping your home clean.


The Protect-A-Pet by K9 Carts is designed for pets to use in the home when they are not in their wheelchair. It is great for overnight use as it collects feces and urine, helping to make morning cleanup easier. For excessive urination, we recommend putting your pet in a male wrap or female diaper while inside the Protect-A-Pet.
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