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Dog Wheelchair Accessories by K9 Carts

K9 Carts dog wheelchairs are designed and built to include multiple accessory and upgrade options.
Smaller dogs using the wheelchair inside the house can benefit greatly from using the Catch-It-All to catch urine and feces, keeping your house cleaner while providing a simple and hygienic method of nursing care.

Catch-It-All for catching urine and feces while your pet is inside.

Dog wheekchair using the Catch-It-All

The Catch-It-All by K9 Carts is designed to catch feces, and in the case of females (with the insertion of a sanitary pad) urine.
Designed by K9 Carts, the Catch-It-All attaches to the back of the dog wheelchair frame. The Catch-It-All is mainly used in the home, and is for pets weighing 40 pounds or less. The Catch-It-All is designed to work exclusively with K9 Carts brand dog wheelchairs.
The Catch-It-All is made of rip stop nylon, washable, available in a variety of colors, and dries almost instantly.

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