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Female Diaper

Price: $19.99 to $28.99 International Price Calculator

PoochPants are an innovative new dog diaper that combines the absorbency and odor controlling properties of PoochPads into a comfortable and easily managed diaper construction. PoochPants require no inserts and are completely washable and reusable (Guaranteed for 300 washes!).

Each PoochPants contains Microban Technology to control odors. Available in six sizes to fit most Pooches (XX-Small to X-Large). PoochPants keep your "leaky" pooch bone-dry and protects their skin.

Ordering Process

Size Measurement 1 Pet Weight
2X Small6"-12"1-4 lbs
Extra Small10"-13"4-8 lbs
Small13"-19"8-15 lbs
Medium18"-25"15-35 lbs
Large20"-27"25-55 lbs
Extra Large25"-34"55-90 lbs

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Pet WeightDiaper SizePurchase Price
1-4 lbs.2X Small$19.99
4-8 lbs.Extra Small$20.99
8-15 lbs.Small$22.99
15-35 lbs.Medium$24.99
25-55 lbs.Large$26.99
55-90 lbs.Extra Large$28.99

by David on 06/11/13

Just the diaper we needed! We have tried others and they didn't quite work right... either they didn't fit well or they didn't last very long. This fit my Lola perfectly, and it is holding up very well! Thank you K9 Carts!

by Randall on 05/22/13

Works very well for when my girl Belle needs to pee. It does get pretty messy though when she poops in it.

by Christi on 05/14/13

Works well on my Shih Tzu. Easy to clean, and lasts a long time. I've had mine for a month or two now, and it still looks great and does the job!

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