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How to Adjust my Wheelchair

Height Adjustment

  1. The thumb screw on the outside of the rectangular block is a temporary means for setting the height. The first step is to slacken the thumb screw. You may also need to slacken the set screws, on the inside of the block, that hold the wheel blades permanently in place.

  2. If your pet has the ability to still walk using its rear legs, the height should be set so that the paws are able to touch the ground in order for your pet to use them. If your pet has the ability to use just one leg, we recommend purchasing a boot to protect the other paw that is knuckling over or dragging. It is not a good idea to place one leg up in the sling and have one down on the ground as it may throw your pet off balance. If your pet has no use of its rear legs, and its legs are in the protective slings, the height should be set so that the back is perfectly level when viewed from the side.

  3. Once you have established the correct height, tighten the set screw that holds the wheel blade in place.

Adjust Length

  1. To fit correctly, the side bars should be adjusted so that they fit right behind the front legs. The short strap should be on the top.

  2. If the side bars do need to be adjusted, the first step is to loosen the set screw on the underside of the block using the Allen wrench provided.

  3. Once the side bar is loose, adjust the length to fit right behind the front legs.

  4. Re-tighten the set screws on the underside of the blocks using the Allen wrench.

  5. Both straps should be snug.

Adjust Width

  1. It is extremely unlikely that you will have to adjust the width of your cart unless you have a young pet.

  2. To make your cart wider, or narrower, you will need to adjust the space in the rear of the cart, and possibly the leg rings. Since this bar is extremely tight you will probably not be able to adjust it manually. You will need a rubber hammer. Before using the rubber hammer you must first loosen all the screws holding the bar in place, then position the cart on end, and gently tap until the bar releases.

  3. If you do widen the cart, you will need to adjust the leg rings, and make them longer, by means of the adjustment screws.

Balancing your Pet's Wheelchair - Three Key Areas for successfully balancing your pet’s in its cart:

  1. Correct height adjustment.

  2. Correct length adjustment.

  3. The side bars must be parallel to the ground when your pet is standing in its cart. If the bars are not parallel, adjust the straps. If bars are dipping downwards, loosen the underneath strap to allow you to tighten the top strap. This will pull the side bars up into a parallel position. Once the top strap holds the bars parallel, retighten the underneath strap. Do the opposite if the bars are pointing upwards.

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